We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

At TechnoCrews, we take our experience to a different level. We focus on quality development along with the path of personal development and professionalism. We have our outsourcing division as well as our R&D division for our own products. We love to take pride on our works. We are always looking for passionate programmers. You can join us anytime if you have the quality inside you. We love hard working, focused and punctual person. We have fun time as well in our office including

  • eating out
  • Long trips
  • Short one day trips
  • any many more…

So if you want to join us, check below to see if there is any new openings. 


PHP Laravel Developer
Apply before 2017-09-09
TechnoCrews is hiring: Position: PHP Laravel Developer Qualification: 1) Must know how to code a project in raw PHP (No framework) and also in Laravel. 2) Preferring CSE/ETE/EEE with problem-solving skills. As you have to develop applications that need data mining and also efficient queries. If you have knowledge of Data Structure, Algorithm, Regex, Theory of Computing and you are not a CS or any engineering graduate - still we welcome you to give the interview. 3)We need one of your completed project's git access. 4) Must know how to edit markup and CSS styles for existing projects. And basic JS and JSON, XML. 5) You should know how to work with APIs. 6) You should have 12 months experience working in another company. Job Location: You can do the work either from Uttara Dhaka or in our Chittagong office. No remote worker allowed at this moment. Other info/benefits: Working days: 5 Working hours: 8AM-5PM or 9 PM-6 AM Lunch and refreshment will be provided Salary: If you have all numbered point qualification Month 1-3(Probation phase 1): 20,000 BDT /Month Month 4-6(Probation phase 2): 25000 BDT /Month 7-12( Permanent): 35,000 BDT /Month If you lack point 5 and/or 6 still we would like to work with you if you pass interview So structure would be: Month 1-3(Probation phase 1): 10,000 - 15,000 BDT /Month ( Based on interview performance) Month 4-6(Probation phase 2): 20000 BDT /Month 7-12( Permanent): 25,000 BDT /Month (WE WILL CONSIDER SALARY INCREMENT EVERY 6 MONTHS) We are not looking for you if you: 1) Copy paste cover letter. 2) Forward emails with cv sent to thousands 3) Don't give git access to a repo 4) Dishonest 5) You want to switch job within a year. Though we want you at least for 2 years! That's all, if you feel you are the pretty lady or smart man, send an email with a cover letter that has a subject: PHP Laravel Developer (2nd phase). Please include a link to your google doc CV. Don't send any attached DOC or PDF. Email to : mizan [at] technocrews [dott]com
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