Publish your Post from Microsoft Word to WordPress Directly!

I must say that Microsoft Word is a great tool to modify your blog posts and publish that on the website or in your blog. And it actually produces clean HTML also. Now if you like to use Word as a writing tool but then find it difficult to copy paste the whole article over to WordPress then this article might help you.

Why Bother using Word?

You get an offline editor that has fantastic spelling and grammar checking!


Setting up Word to publish was very easy and will work with Windows XP and Vista and it only takes a few dialogs to set it all up! Also, you can have more than one blog set up under multiple blog systems. The following are supported:

  • Windows Live Spaces
  • Blogger
  • SharePoint blog
  • Community Server
  • TypePad
  • WordPress
  • Other

Set Up

  1. To start, click the round Office button, Publish, then Blog.


        2.Since this is the first time were setting this up, click the Register Now button in the Register a Blog Accountdialog.


3.In the New Blog Account dialog, select WordPress from the drop down menu.


          4.In the New WordPress Account dialog, you get to fill in all of the important information. In the Blog Post URL, fill in your blog’s address; if you’ve installed WordPress somewhere other than your site’s root, then you need to specify that here. Say you’ve installed WordPress at: then the URL would be enter your username and password. These would be the values that you use to log into WordPress!If you would like Word to upload pictures for you, we can set that up by clicking the Picture Options button.


5.The Picture Options dialog is a little tricky, so pay attention! You can choose to have Word publish images to directly to you blog provider (think a account) or to your server (if you or a host is serving your site). I’m hosting this site, so I chose the My own server option[1]. In the Upload URL text box, type in the address as so: ftp://username:[email protected]/folder. So, let’s say that this is your information:

  • WordPress Username: Bob
  • WordPress Password: monkey123
  • WordPress URL:
  • Folder: images

Then you would type: ftp://bob:[email protected]/images – notice the colon between the username and password and that there is not “http://” in the URL.

And the source would read: http://

If you upload your images to the default location (from within posts), you can set that up as: ftp://user:[email protected]/full/path/to/wp-content/uploads
And the Source URL would be


  1. Click OK and you’re all done!

Create Your First Blog Entry

Now, you can see the Ribbon has changed to blogging mode! You can Publish, Publish as draft, Insert your categories (yep, it will download all of your categories!) [2], Open existing posts, set up new blogs and even insert HTML objects like pictures, links, charts and so much more! You can even create drop shadows and other image effects!


After you are done, you can simply click the Publish button and your post will be live!


If you want to take advantage of WordPress’s Time Stamp feature, publish the post as a draft and then go online and set the time and publish it from there!

[1] The problem with having Word upload your images, is that it names the images in this format: date_postid_description.ext. For example an image would be called 070207_Word_1.gif and Word tries to optimize the images before uploading them and can make them look too lossy. It would be nice to be able to configure the image quality, but you can’t have it all! 🙂

[2] To set more the one category, click the Insert Category button again.

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